Powered by a community of dedicated volunteers, SSF is a grassroots operation dedicated to bringing the community together through the magic of food and generosity.



The Sister Sabria Foundation (SSF) is a Montreal-based non-profit that works to support the most vulnerable members of our community with food and shelter. SSF is founded upon the selfless generosity and dedication of Sister Sabariah Hussein, who has been a lifeline to thousands of families for over two decades. 


Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide nourishment, a safe shelter and community support to vulnerable women and their families across Montreal and Quebec.  

We envision a future where no one in our community goes to bed hungry and afraid. Changing the world starts by sharing with your family, friends and neighbors. Together we can help uplift one another in the good times and the bad.


our story

The Sister Sabria Foundation was founded in 2017 in a collective effort to institutionalize the networks of community support built by Sister Sabaria Hussein that so many have come to depend on. SSF is the embodiment of Sister Sabaria’s life’s work in feeding the hungry and helping those in need. Our story is Sister Sabariah’s story.